WiX SEO Features

Wix - SEO Features

Wix SEO Wiz

Get a custom SEO checklist personalized for your clients’ sites, so can make sure they rank well on Google.

Instant Google Indexing

Complete the Wix SEO checklist and get your clients’ sites listed on Google in under 30 seconds.

Structured Data

Display more info in search results. Add schema markups so search engines understand which content can be displayed as a rich result.

XML Sitemap

Wix creates and maintains your sitemap, so search engines can easily find and crawl its pages.


Wix generates a robots.txt file for your site, allowing search engines to crawl important site content and files.

Canonical URLs

Tell search engines which pages to index and rank. Each page of your site has its own canonical URL, so the right content will appear in search results.

Custom Meta Tags

Wix presets meta tags that accurately describe your site content to search engines. You can customize these tags at any time.

301 Redirects

Ensure visitors land on the right page and maintain link equity by redirecting site visitors to a different URL.

Social Sharing

Control the text and images displayed when site pages are shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and more.


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