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Google Ads will able to reach 15.6M users in Google Search, 15.5M users in YouTube and 15.5M users in Google Display Network.

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Win New Clients with Google!

Insights of Malaysia Internet Users

    • 69% of Malaysian access the internet daily

    • 88% of Malaysian now use smartphones

    • 90% Malaysia internet users watch YouTube

    • 98.02% - Google Search Engine Market Share in Malaysia

Google Products Users in Malaysia

    • Google Search with 15.6M unique Users

    • YouTube with 15.5M Unique Users 

    • Display Networks with 15.5M Unique Users

Google Search Ads - Reach the right people at the right time! Be able to show your Google Search to 15.6M Unique Users in Malaysia.

    • Increase Sales

    • Generate More Leads 

    • Get more Web Traffics

YouTube Video Ads - Be seen where everyone is watching! Be able to show your YouTube Video Ads to 15.5M Unique Users in Malaysia.

    • Increase product and brand consideration

    • Increase brand awareness and reach

Google Display Ads - Reach more people in more places! Be able to show your Display Ads to 15.5M Unique Users in Malaysia.

    • Promote brand

    • Promote awareness

    • Increase Sales

    • Get more leads

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