Facebook + Instagram + KOL Marketing Services Malaysia

FB + IG + KOL / Influencer Marketing Services

We are here to help you manage all your social media marketing channel such as Facebook &  Instagram. Our services including regular posting, ads services and management, video and photography, boost campaign, and we also provide KOL On Demand or KOL On Site Services. We do provide Live Streamer to provide your product LIVE using Facebook and YouTube. We can also help your products or services reach more by using our influencer engagement services

Facebook / IG Management Services

We can provide various type Facebook and IG Management Services including FB/IG Posting, Page Like, Ads Management, Boost Campaign Planning, Video, Landing page design, SMS Blasting and Email Blasting services as well.

FB / IG Posting

FB / IG Ads

Video / Photography

Boost Campaign

KOL / Fb Live Streamer / FB Live Host / 网络主播 / Live主播 / FB直播员 / Influencer Engagement Services

We can provide various type of KOL / Influencer engagement services including social influencer blog posting, facebook and instagram posting, Youtube Video, Influencer social media posting, live streamer, photography session, KOL On Demand Services and KOL On Site Participating Event Services.  Fb Live Streamer can help to promote your products and services, conduct interviews to introduce your products and also series of discussion on certain topics.

KOL On Demand

KOL On Site

Live Streamer

Influencer Engagement

Plan A:
Facebook / IG Management Services

  • Fb / IG - Posting
  • Fb / IG - Page Like
  • Fb / IG - Ads Management
  • Fb / IG - Boost Campaign Planning
  • Fb / IG - Video
  • Fb / IG - Landing Page
  • SMS Blasting
  • Email Blasting

Plan B:
KOL / Influencer Engagement Services

  • Social Influencer Blog Posting
  • Facebook & Instagram Posting
  • YouTube Video
  • Influencer Social Media Posting
  • Live Streamer
  • Photography Session
  • KOL On Demand Service
  • KOL On Site Participating Event

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