eCommerce hand-on Training by SiteGiant

eCommerce Hands-on Training for SiteGiant Merchants

Thousands of merchants have been trained and started selling online!

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Are you still not familiar with SiteGiant?
Then this training is a must for you to attend!

During training we will be covering topics as mentioned:

Get your Webstore up and running

Setup Payment and Shipping option

Fill up your webstore with your Products

Design your Webstore Layout

Get your Webstore up and running

Setup Payment and Shipping option

Fill up your webstore with your Products

Design your Webstore Layout

Why you should attend this training?

You signed up to our SiteGiant Webstore, but have no idea where to start.

You would love to get more ideas on how to improve your SiteGiant Store User Interface.

You’re thinking of exploring more functions in SiteGiant that you have yet to discover.

You want to know how you can reduce your workload and increase sales at the same time with SiteGiant.

You’re selling on multiple platforms and was wondering on how SiteGiant can help simplify your business operation by handling all procedures in one place.

You’re wondering on how you can sell on your webstore, marketplaces and Facebook simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

Are you holding one of the roles below?
Then it’s a must for you to join our training

Business Owners

You may not have IT background but you want to venture into eCommerce.

This training will equip you with all the necessary information to kick start your online business. Get to know how you can use SiteGiant to sync products to multiple marketplaces. Most of our merchants are business owners with no IT Background and today they’re doing well in their online venture.


Having difficulties in using your current eCommerce system, and looking for a change.

SiteGiant comes with eCommerce cart, Marketplace sync, Marketing tools, Inventory management and more. By joining us, you will be able to master all the necessary skills in using SiteGiant eCommerce platform. Same time, you can meet more people and build your network with the rest of the participants.

Existing eCommerce Sellers

Having troubles with your eCommerce website, or maybe your eCommerce website is not performing.

Switch to SiteGiant eCommerce platform and enroll to our training course now. We will be sharing on how to use SiteGiant platform and provide tips and strategies for your business. Just 8 hours, and you can gear up, restructure and enhance your online business. If everything is done correctly, you will see a significant improvement on sales numbers!

New Startups

Want to start an online business, but have no idea where and how to start.

By signing up to SiteGiant, you can join us for training, where we will help you to master SiteGiant platform and gain more insights. We will also be sharing some business tips and strategies to help you kick start your business. For startups, earning at least RM 10,000 sales per month is not impossible! SiteGiant active merchants make at least RM 30,000 sales per month!

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